Do you have Sleep Apnea?

We have universal CPAP parts, and can order in machines and parts.  Our parent company is in Ontario, so your order can be in your hands within 5 business days.  The all inclusive kit shown in the picture below will be able to be picked up at the office with your settings already programmed.  If you have problems, the 24/7 hotline based will be able to check your information and adjust it via WIFI or Blue Tooth to your Cell phone. Do you have trouble getting time to properly clean your machine?  Order a second hose and water tank so that you always have one set clean and dry. 

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Now new at Esther's Healing Center we have gluten-free foods such as a variety of flours for baking. Almond Butter,Quinoa,Wild Rice, and other products that will enhance your gluten-free Pantry.  If there is something you would like that we don't have, we will try to help you. 

No more neck discomfort with the Mediflow WaterBase Pillow. 

Don't forget that we carry C-PAP supplies

Trouble with aching muscles? Our clients love the Fisiocrem.  

We are also carrying things to help you open that pesky jar or pill bottle, walk with confidence even on slippery ice, and other products such as walking sticks, long handle combs, support stockings, suction cup grab bar holders, to make life easier or keep your independence with items that are designed with your needs in mind.  If there is something you would like that we don't have on hand, we will find it for you. 

Hypopressive Exercises

Hypopressive Exercises are postures and breath to re-engage the true core muscles.  Most exercises that you would think that would strengthen core only strengthen the muscles that move the trunk and not support the back and belly.  The core also includes the pelvic floor.  A strong pelvic floor is necessary for both men and women.  Women get the bladder issues and prolapse while men get hernia's and ED.