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​  I am trying to get ready to safely open the office again.  Pending steps that have not been completed yet are; put up Plexiglas shield around the main desk, get masks made, and get more gloves.  i am awaiting a shipment of masks, the Plexiglas and frame are ordered and both should be complete by Monday May 11. 
The province is saying that we can start to open for Physiotherapy treatments according to the site below and Massage and the Gym will not be available till later as long as we follow the guidelines of our College.
According to the College of Physiotherapy of Alberta I can start in office treatments understanding that;
the shortened version for my office

+     All physiotherapists will follow the directions provided by the CMOH (Chief Medical Officer of Health).
+     Services that can be safely and effectively provided via telerehabilitation, should be.
+     In-person services must only proceed when the anticipated benefits of such services outweigh the risks to the patient and the physiotherapist.
+    The physiotherapist is accountable and is the person best positioned to determine the need for, urgency and appropriateness of in-person services.
+     Appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) must be used for the safe delivery of in-person services. However, all physiotherapists must also act to                conserve PPE through its judicious use.
+     Physiotherapists must carefully consider if they are the most appropriate health professional to address the patient’s needs, referring patients to other                    members of the health-care team when in the patient’s interest.
+     Acuity of the patient’s condition, including considerations such as recent surgery, removal of cast or immobilizer or recent motor vehicle accident.
+     Functional impairment/impact of the condition on health-related quality of life, including inability to work, regardless of whether the injury is WCB                            compensable or not.
+      Likelihood that in the absence of physiotherapy services the patient will require services in an urgent care or emergency department setting.
+      Necessity of services which can only be provided in person.

With this all being said, we will do physiotherapy on an emergency basis with only one patient in the building at a time and otherwise virtually as we are able.  Virtual treatments are being paid for by insurance companies.  Virtual is better for being able to see where and how you were injured, reviewing and changing home exercise programs, and seeing your workspace and checking why you are getting repetitive strain injuries. Also, many of the methods to deal with pain, swelling, poor motion, and other limitations can be taught with a virtual treatment.  I can send individualized exercise program sheets via email.  Please be patient in the process and Help me Help you.