The Body's Roadmap of Compensation

If you have had an injury, we call that a City.  How you move, limp, breathe, and think differently is the roadmap of compensation.

Normally, a Chiropractor works on the substrata of Bones and Ligaments

A Massage Therapist works on the topographical map of soft tissue including the muscles, tendons, lymph fluid, and when that fluid becomes the glue of Myofascial Pain. 

A Psychologist, Psychiatrist, and/or Spiritual advisor helps with the atmospheric map.  We all know that when we are stressed, we feel pain more acutely than when we are not. 

A Physiotherapist has a tendency to work on the city of injury and not all the places the roadmap goes. 

In this office, We try to read and assist with the entire roadmap and thus have some methods not used by other clinics. 

From Colic to Chronic...From Injury to Elite... Age With Excellence and Dignity.

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