Motor Vehicle Accidents

Coverage of Physiotherapy and Massage is part of your car insurance

You are entitled to an assessment by a physiotherapist and should be completed within one week of the date of your accident.  Depending on the severity of injury, 10 or 21 treatments over the next 90 days are automatically paid for.  If more treatments are needed, the therapist can request more if it is deemed medically reasonable to do so but at this point the client's private health insurance must be used first and the car insurance will pay for the remainder.

Alberta Health Care

We do not have an alberta Health Care contract

Unfortunately we are unable to take payment from Alberta Health Care.  If you wish to use your Alberta Health Care you must go to the Physiotherapist in the Mayerthorpe Healthcare Center.  Please Call the Healthcare Center at 780-786-2261 for times and availability

Medical Coverage

If you have Coverage - we can help

More and more companies are now allowing direct billing.  Just bring us your card and we will assist you with the rest.

Companies that currently allow direct billing are but are not limited to -

                             Canada Life/Assure                                          Sunlife Financial

                             Alberta Blue Cross                                            Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance

                             Desjardins Insurance                                         Industrial Alliance

                             Johnson Inc.                                                      Maximum Benefit

                             Johnston Group Inc.                                          Manulife Financial                                             

                             Green Shield Canada                                        Manion

                             CINUP                                                               Cowan

                             First Canadian                                                   GMS Carrier 49 and 50

                             ClaimSecure                                                      GroupHEALTH

                             GroupSource                                                     LiUNA Local 183 and 506

                             BPA - Benefit Plan Administrators                     TELUS AdjudiCare

                             D.A. Towney