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Gym Usage Currently Open for Physio Clients Only But....

We are great at finding used equipment for your home or sell you some other small items that can make a mini home gym possible



Physiotherapy only for the present

Please see the info on the Covid 19 page on who can come in for a face to face visit.  

We are able to book Virtual Treatments at any time 

When you are able to come for a treatment in the office;

1  We request that you do all the online paperwork or it will be completed as a part of your initial Virtual       Assessment. 

2  Do a self and in home family check that no one has any Covid Symptoms.

3  A mask will be provided at the door but please bring your own mask if you have one. 

4  Please wait in your vehicle and call/signal us when you arrive.  Dwight will wave you in.  We will be booking so that there is only  one patient in the treatment area and up to 2 in the Gym area at a time. 

5 Dwight will make sure you have a mask on and wash your hands. Know that the washroom is for hand washing and emergency use only.

6 Most financial and booking information will be done on the phone so you may not need to stop at the desk after the treatment.

Book by calling Pamela at 780-786-4060 Mon-Fri between 7:00 am and 1:00 pm  

We are not able to book online.  Please do not use this website to book appointments.